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I’ve added links within galleries to navigate between pictures. Thanks to Will for the tip. See it in this sample gallery.

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  1. I was just looking at the readability page… and wasn’t finding it extremely friendly, I fired up firebug. (But maybe it’s just me)

    I found the serifs to be a little harsh, so I tried a few sans serifs. I don’t mean to be a follower, but I found helvetica/arial to be the most readable.
    Then I darkened the text a tad and found it easier. Somewhere in the ballpark of #333 to #393939.
    I also found it unusual that you chose 16pt for the copy text, since as a general rule, copy is 14pt and below. I played around with the font size and line height and after much contemplation and soul searching, I think I like 14pt font size and 21/22pt line height. Though I don’t have a vendetta against the current font size and line height; part of me likes it, but I think if I were building this, I’d go with 14pt & 22pt respectively.

    I still have issues with the serifs for the copy and thing it should be darkened a tad.

    Great theme though! You haven’t overlooked a detail.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks, Brian — I’m glad the theme inspired you to put the thought into it!

      2010 takes its body copy settings from Kirby, the theme on which 2010 is based. Body copy isn’t actually set to 16px specifically but rather 100%, the default browser text size. While we web designers have been the size of text down for years, since the point of a blog theme is readability, I think there’s some value to embracing the default font size (and Georgia, an ultimately readable serif).

      For more information on the rationale behind this kind of design, check out Information Architects’ 100% Easy-2-Read Standard.

      I think we probably won’t be making major changes to the style of the theme at this point, but WordPress will be getting a new default theme every year, so I know the designer working on next year’s edition will revisit the issue. That’s good, because as our knowledge of what works well on the web advances, so can WordPress’ default theme.

    • Duane Otremba says:

      I generally agree with your comments about using smaller text sizes. However, since I have bifocals, I also appreciate easy-to-read text. All depends where you are in life…

  2. Brent Logan says:

    I like the links. Can we have thumbnails instead or in addition to the word links?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I tried both and think text links work best for this particular theme, because they reduce clutter. We’ve tried to pick default settings that work for the greatest number of people, since this will be the default theme.

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