Valid HTML5

The theme now passes validation as HTML5. The calendar widget and gallery shortcode generate HTML that do not validate and should be addressed in core — but a default install will now validate. (Updated, see comments.)

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9 Responses to Valid HTML5

  1. Matt Thomas says:

    I’ve submitted a patch that removes the offending attributes from the calendar widget. There may be a better approach, but I wanted to mention it to the core developers. You can track it here:

  2. Matt Thomas says:

    And I’ve customized the output of the gallery shortcode to remove the inline CSS it generates by default. 2010 galleries now validate. đŸ™‚

  3. Banago says:

    So 2010 will be in HTML5 right? This is what I can deduce from the source code. That is cool!

  4. mcnesium says:

    whats HTML5 on that code? i neither see any <header> nor <nav> nor <aside> nor any nor <article> elements. just that it validates, does not make it HTML5.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      just that it validates, does not make it HTML5.

      Actually, that’s exactly what makes it HTML5. đŸ™‚ It’s got a valid doctype and it’s valid code — that’s all it needs. The elements you mention are great additions to HTML that make it more semantic, but their use (or lack thereof) doesn’t make or break the markup.

      • mcnesium says:

        ok you’re right on the valid code. but all you got is an xhtml 1.0 strict page that lacks the long doctype line.
        wouldn’t it be fantastic to keep up with the progress and have a fully semantic yet downward compatible standard theme in the all new cutting edge wordpress 3.0?

    • Banago says:

      Neither does , , or elements on the markup make it HTML5 if it has, let’s say, an XHTML document specification. The 2010 needs to get us into HTML5 – the duty to push things to the edge is to the community.

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