Flowers in the yard

Custom styles for posts in category “gallery” show a single thumbnail and either the post text or a custom excerpt, if one is specified. If the post text is used, a link like the one output by the more tag is appended. If the text is really long it should just wrap around the thumbnail. The automatically-generated excerpt should be short enough that a wrap never occurs. When it does, though, it should be graceful.

These are some pictures of flowers in our garden, taken in 2006.

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9 Responses to Flowers in the yard

  1. Brent Logan says:

    Neat idea. It doesn’t look like the “continue reading” link is showing for the Nature Gallery post on the main page.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      That’s right — that gallery only has a short amount of text in the post. If there’s more than about 40 words the “Continue Reading” link will appear.

      • Brent Logan says:

        So there’s no automatic, clear indication that there’s a gallery hidden behind the post’s title’s link if the test is less than 40 words?

      • Matt Thomas says:

        There is now. 🙂 I added a line to the excerpt that starts with “This gallery contains [x] images…” — I had just commented it out because the positioning wasn’t working yet.

  2. Raoni says:

    Very nice!

  3. Roger says:

    Does this theme support captions underneath the photos?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Sure does, Roger. I’ve added a few captions to the gallery above so you can see how they look.

      • Roger says:


        One thing I noticed is that the Search function doesn’t include photo captions/descriptions in its results. If I enter “Azalea” into the search box, for example, I expect the first photo in the gallery to be listed (since its caption is “Azalea”). However, no results are listed.

      • Matt Thomas says:

        Hmm, good catch! I’ll check into that. The search was in place when I started turning Kirby into Twenty Ten, so I may have to do some asking around. 🙂

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