Print Stylesheet

I’ve added a print stylesheet to the theme. Still a little buggy. Basically perfect in Safari and Chrome on Mac, varying amounts of success in other browsers.

PDF — Safari 4, Mac
PDF — Chrome 4, Mac
PDF — Firefox 3.6, Mac
PDF — Safari 4, Win7
PDF — Chrome 4, Win7
PDF — Firefox 3.6, Win7
PDF — IE 8, Win7

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7 Responses to Print Stylesheet

  1. Stas says:

    Perfect results on Chromium on Linux.

  2. Brent Logan says:

    I like having “asides” in the theme with different formating. Unfortunately, this removes the permalink from the main page. Yeah, you can find it by clicking on the comments link. We’re used to dates being permalinks to titleless short posts (e.g., Twitter). How about having a permalink attached to all dates (even those “regular” posts having titles)?

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